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The venue for meetings in 2020 will be at the LMRA Clubhouse.
The clubhouse is on the corner of Century Way and Club Row see their webpage.

badshot lea pistol PISTOL & REVOLVER
Surrey Branch currently shoot at Bisley - please see Events Pages.
Site Updated: 20/10/2021.

First Branch Rifle Practice since loss of Badshot Lea - Sunday October 24th, Short Siberia 100 yards (PM).

Next Auction is on November 2nd at the LMRC Clubhouse, Bisley

Themed meetings reinstated - please see the Events Page for the calender.

henley park shotgun SHOTGUN
We shoot near Henley Park ranges, in privately owned woods.
Get free CGI scripts, PHP scripts, web pages at rifle range RIFLE AND MUSKET
This is now, currently, only shot on Short Siberia, Bisley, on the last Saturday of the month.