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November Meeting 2017 MONTHLY CLUB NIGHTS
Last meeting at the ATSC Clubhouse.
The clubhouse is just past the old Exhibition Hut, on the corner of Queen's Way and Club Row.
Meetings in 2019 will be held at the L&M Club
badshot lea pistol PISTOL & REVOLVER
Surrey Branch are relocating to Bisley for 2018 - please see Events Pages.
Site Updated: 10/12/2018.

Christmas Shoot results now published in Memers Only area.

New - Member's Area privacy statement added.
Member's Area Branch Clothing.

Current MLAGB Safety Rules & Guidance added to Downloads.

Interesting articles by David Minshall - see links on the LINKS page.

henley park shotgun SHOTGUN
We shoot near Henley Park ranges, in privately owned woods.
Get free CGI scripts, PHP scripts, web pages at rifle range RIFLE AND MUSKET
This is now only shot on Short Siberia, Bisley.