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Colt Walker Colt-Walker 1847 Model. Very heavy .44 caliber saddle revolver designed by Captain Walker and manufactured by Col. Samual Colt.
Only about 1000 originals were made for the U.S. Army, with about 100 manufactured for private sale. The design was based on the Colt Paterson and it was the forerunner of the Colt Dragoon revolvers.
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Colt 1851 Navy Colt model 1851 Navy in .36 calibre.
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Remington 1858 Remington New Model Army, based on the 1858 design (the "old" model army - Beal's patent). In .44 calibre - also available in .36 (scarcer).
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Colt 1860 Army Colt Model 1860 Army in .44 calibre.
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Colt 1861 Navy Colt Model 1861 Navy in .36 calibre.
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Rogers & Spencer 1865 Rogers & Spencer .44 revolver, model 1865. Special order for the U.S. Federal Government but shipped too late to be issued for use in the "Civil War" between the North and South. The whole shipment of approximately 5000 guns was sold for scrap in 1901.
More information on a website that mis-spells the name, even though they show a picture of the barrel address with the correct spelling!
Colt 1871 Single Action Army Colt model 1873 Single Action Army. This was designed as a breech loading cartridge gun. This example was specially produced in percussion form as the cartridge version is now prohibited in the U.K.
by the Firearms Act 1997. Not "spirit of the original" as never produced as a "muzzle loader". Can be used in "free revolver" competitions, as can the Ruger Old Army (designed from scratch in the 1960's).
More information on the original cartridge model.
Charles Moore Smoothbore Flint
Reproduction Charles Moore smoothbore Flintlock target pistol, based on his Duelling pistol. Features a Set Trigger. Manufactured by Pedersoli, Italy. Suitable for MLAGB competitions.
WIllaim Parker Percussion Pistol
Reproduction William Parker, rifled barrel, pistol. This example is a repro of a Drum & Nipple conversion from Flint. This pistol, by Ardessa of Spain, is also available in the Flint version.