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A group of Branch members after a morning spent clay shooting On the left is a picture of some of our Branch members, that enjoy shooting shotgun "out in the wild".
Don't be put off by some of our "old fogey" look - we do have younger members who are currently away studying.
If you are new to muzzle loading and want to know more, then please go to the Downloads page.

The Surrey Branch of the Muzzle Loader's Association of Great Britain, was formed in the 1950's.
We are a group of people dedicated to preserving the traditional/historic forms of shooting, be it Matchlock, Wheel-lock, Flintlock or Percussion.
To join us, you will first need to join the MLAGB (application form) stating which branch (us) that you wish to join.
For a full list of benefits of membership visit the MLAGB website.