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February 24th - Rifle Practice (100yds), Short Siberia, Bisley + Free Rifle Cup (am only).


March 4th - Shotgun Practice, Henley PArk Woods.

March 6th - Branch Meeting and AUCTION, ATSC clubhouse, Bisley.

March 11th - Start of Branch Pistol & Revolver Championships, Winans-A, Bisley.

March 11th - Flint Musket/Matchlock Shield - location not yet finalized.

March 24th - 15th - OTF Open Rifle/Pistol Comps, Wedgnock.

March 25th - Vintage Arms Fair, Kempton Park Race Course.

March 31st - Rifle Practice (100yds), to include Crimea Medal, Short Siberia, Bisley.