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Winans Range and Parking
Entrance to Winans-A&B.
Cheylesmore-B Entrance
Cheylesmore-B Entrance.

To see a satellite view of the range locations, at Bisley, please click here.

Please park responsibly and allow suitable width for others to park next to you.

Some of our shoots are on Winans-A, others on Cheylesmore-B - please check the Calendar or the Now & Next pages for current range booking.

Repro Kentucky pistol Pistols come in a number of guises (original and reproduction) in smooth bore or rifled barrels - matchlock, flintlock and percussion.
Examples of single shot pistols.
Under hammer pistol kit Single shot under hammer percussion pistol and the necessary accoutrements; from the left
Spotting scope, glasses case, turn screw, ball rammer, 2 powder measures, lead ball,
lubed patch, percussion caps, pistol, ramrod, long brass powder funnel (to ensure that powder charge is loaded to the bottom of the barrel), (in the case) foresight adjuster and powder flask.
side hammer percussion pistol Single shot percussion side hammer pistol. This is a copy of an English target pistol from
around 1810. It has been made to look like a drum-and-nipple conversion from a flint
pistol. Accoutrements are similar to above, showing the powder flask used to throw the
charge of 21 grains of FFFg powder. Normally, in competition, these charges would be pre-weighed
and kept in easy-to-use phials (see revolver set-up below).
Original remington 1858 revolver Revolvers are all percussion, mainly reproductions from the American Civil War era. Some of us do shoot originals and these are both from the American Civil War era and also English revolvers, which are always all originals as no Italian manufacturer has produced reproductions of them. Original English revolvers can regularly be viewed at our monthly meetings.
The picture to the left is of an original Remington model 1858 revolver.
Examples of different models of  reproduction revolver readily available for purchase.
Examples of Original Revolvers .
loading point bits and pieces This is a view of a typical set-up at the loading/firing point when taking part in revolver competitions.
Spotting scope on a tripod, powder and filler preweighed into easy to use plastic tubes, lead balls, tin of percussion caps (preferably already slightly squished at the opening to fit tightly onto the nipples), phosphor-bronze brush (to remove fouling in the barrel, old toothbrush (cleaning around the nipples), revolver (for shooting), old bit of towelling (for wiping hands and guns), bent-nose pliers (for removing spent nipples), plastic syringe (filled with a grease for greasing over the mouth of a loaded chamber), screwdriver (for taking the gun apart if anything jams up).