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We shoot clays on the First Sunday of the month, starting at 10:00, in  privately owned woods near Henley Ranges.
For Bird's Eye views of the entrance track and the shooting ground site, within the woods, click on the high-lighted words.
Click on the images, on this page, for larger pictures.
Flint double barrel shotgun An original Double Barrelled flint shotgun
Loading tables and preparation area Loading tables set up under a protective canopy in case of rain. Keep your powder dry!
charging with powder Loading a double barrel shotgun - charging the first barrel with gunpowder
charging the 2nd barrel Now charge the second barrel.
ramming down the wads Having charged both barrels and rammed down wads, pour in the shot and ram down the over-shot card wad/disc.
shooting a flint gun Now shoot the beastie - in this case, a double-barrel flint gun is being fired. Note the two distinct puffs of smoke - one from the barrel end and one from the frizzen pan.